Arabella International now accepts Digital Currency as a payment method.

Arabella is helping people discover the unique science that lies at the heart of our advanced range of non-traditional nutrition, anti-ageing, skin care and natural medicine products.

With a combined 80 years of experience in the global food industry, you can be assured of our track record in, and intimate knowledge of the latest advances in nutrition.

As a company we are committed to the simple philosophy of nourishing the cells in your body with exactly what they need for the ultimate benefit of your health. 

The key to this philosophy is absorption.

Our belief in this philosophy has continued to fuel our ongoing commitment to innovate and advance the science of cellular nutrition that, in turn, places a healthy, happy life within reach of everyone.

We work in collaboration with leading global organisations and have direct links with the governments of numerous countries.

We source the very best ingredients that nature has to offer and harness them with our advanced Absorption Technologies to create and deliver the most advanced nutritional. Through Functional Foods and with Functional practitioners and highly advanced natural supplements.

Our dedicated team of Nutritionists, Food Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Chemists and Pharmacists are totally focussed on and committed to making a positive impact on your wellbeing via the creation of our nutritional components that are classed as ALPHA FOODS, not just superfoods. 

Similarly, our world-leading anti-ageing and skin care range contains exclusive, highly sought-after ingredients that we either co-own or have select access to, ensuring you are provided with the very best products currently available. 


Health is more than food and fitness.
Arabella’s revolutionary approach to healthiness is set to make a big impact.