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Elementor #2481


Dr Jaeheup Kim

Professional Profile

  • Experience in innovative program development and implementation through long term experiences with massive data handling projects
  • Proven abilities in leadership, motivating people towards a common mission and effectively organizing and utilizing available resources to achieve the goal of each project
  • Able to grasp and persuasively articulate organizational positions, enlist and educate others to assist in needed change
  • Extensive experience in effectively interacting with people of various ages, specialties, ethnic backgrounds, and levels of education, including those with physical disabilities, through volunteer work

Education & Training

  • SENIOR SCIENTIST in Laboratory of Genomic Diversity, SAIC / NCI-FCRDC, NIH, 1997-2000.
  • VISITING SCIENTIST in Section of Molecular Allergy and Immunology, NIAID, NIH 1995-1996.
  • Ph.D / Population Genomics and Molecular Evolution, INHA University, Incheon KOREA, August, 1992
  • Masters / Biology, INHA University, Incheon KOREA, Feb. 1985
  • Bachelor / Biology, INHA University, Incheon KOREA, Feb. 1983

Major Experience

  • 2018-present, Advisor/Business Development of ADxRx (American Diagnostics and Therapeutics) to help the commercialization of ADxRx’s monoclonal antibodies in various platforms including, IHC (FFPE, Frozen), ELISA, IF, flow cytometry, Western blot, and immunoprecipitation etc., to offer antibody services for diverse and exciting projects not only for cancer but also other diseases such as inflammatory and infectious. 
  • 2011-2017, Advisor/Business Development of Alper Biotech to help the commercialization of Alper Biotech’s monoclonal antibodies in various platforms including, IHC (FFPE, Frozen), ELISA, IF, flow cytometry, Western blot, and immunoprecipitation etc., to offer antibody services for diverse and exciting projects not only for cancer but also other diseases such as inflammatory and infectious. 
  • 2009-present, CEO/President of COGENT Biotechnology, DNA based Biomarker development company for personalized medicine, founded in Rockville, MD. During this period, founded and attempted to seek starting capital for COGENT Biotechnology, Inc. Made research collaborators who working in Korea to collect samples of various diseases for future research. Have experiences on the population stratification by the biomarkers which were developed in four diseases, breast cancer, colon cancer, myocardial infarction, and type 2 diabetes. 
  • 2006-2009. VP and Consultant of Korea Bio-venture companies; Seegene, FTI, and Nano-helix for product management and market development in U.S. Established diverse SOPs and strategies based on 6 sigma technology to build a strong research network without any communication errors among the customers, researchers, and administrations. 
  • 2000 – 2005. Project leader and Group leader (Senior Manager) at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)to develop biomarkers which can be used to screen for predispositions for chronic diseases including cancers and cardiovascular diseases. For five years, I successfully accomplished four genome-wide association projects with my team in Korea. Designed the studies, supervised the scientists, funds, data, time line, and evaluated final results. etc. Managed all development processes to make products fit to commercial level standards before going to the field. Established SOPs to optimize the genotyping process of Sequenom Mass-Array system to minimize errors and to maximize the effects of human and financial resources. 
  • 2003 – 2005. Principal Investigator of the Korean national project, The Development of Counter Bio-Warfare Technology Systems. Received US $ 4 million project grant from the Korean government (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) to make a pathogen detection handheld device as an Anti bio-terror project. Set up the specification for a final product and successfully achieved the milestones during the research periods. 
  • 2002 – 2005. Six sigma black belt. Finished the training of six sigma management techniques and tools up to black belt level at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology to lead the core SNP projects. Through the six sigma training, I am able to achieve stable and predictable process results (e.g. by reducing process variation). All kinds of projects and processes have characteristics that can be defined, measured, analyzed, improved, and controlled. Achieving sustained quality improvement requires commitment from the entire organization, particularly from top-level management, and smooth communication among various teams. Features that set Six Sigma apart from previous quality-improvement initiatives include: A clear focus on achieving measurable and quantifiable financial returns from any Six Sigma project an increased emphasis on strong and passionate management leadership and support a clear commitment to making decisions on the basis of verifiable data and statistical methods, rather than assumptions and guesswork 
  • 2000 – 2010. Functions as advisory board and consultant for facilitating efforts for the organizations or companies as below, 
  • – Ministry of Science and Technology – Ministry of Oceanography 
  • – Ministry of Environment – Korean Research Institute of Biology and Biomedicine 
  • – Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine – Asia Nano-Bio Research Center in Busan 
  • – DNA Bank in Seoul National University – Genomic Center at Samsung Medical Center 
  • – Green Medical Cluster for Medical Tourism – Insong Electronics for Tele-Medicine Technology 
  • – FTI for diagnostic device development using carbon nano tube (CNT) – and other private sector parties, and academic institutions in coordination with Industries and National organizations. 
  • 1995-2000. Visiting/Senior Scientist in NCI/NIH to learn and experience new projects to understand the interaction between genomics and diverse environmental factors which affect disease and overall human health.