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Arabella’s Hygiene Range  

Regular surface treatments utilise chlorines, acids, caustics or alcohol-based chemicals to poison microbes in an attempt to alter the microbes DNS. The effectiveness of these surface treatments rapidly diminishes once dried and are rendered ineffective through surface interaction or surface cleaning allowing surfaces to become rapidly recontaminated. These chemicals are commonly hazardous to people and corrosive to surfaces.

DuroKleen’s unique technology, provides rapid disinfection as well as long term antimicrobial protection. DuroKleen does not utilise poisons to disinfect, instead it delivers a permanently bonded, antimicrobial barrier through a unique, safe technology. This technology creates a long chain molecular ‘sword’ that mechanically pierces microbes cell structure, destroying microbes on contact.

Microscopically bonded, DuroKleen will not leach, cannot be absorbed, will not rub off nor wash off under normal conditions of cleaning. There is no dislodgeable residue and no migration or diffusion of the molecule can occur, allowing the antimicrobial technology to operate continuously.

DuroKleen technology is water based produces zero fumes or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and is classified non hazardous. DuroKleen can provide antimicrobial protection to any hard or soft, indoor or external surface.


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