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Song Ahn


Song Ahn

Song Ahn serves as President/C.E.O. of GS America Holdings (GSAH) overseeing international operations, corporate strategy, finance, sales, marketing, and business development.

Mr. Ahn recently moved back to the U.S. and joined GS America Holdings (GSAH) which primarily works as a liaison between U.S. and Korean companies to facilitate and manage all DuroKleen, chemical, aerosol, and cosmetics businesses. Song’s latest overseeing development also includes performance apparel and IT.

Song lives in Alabama but travels frequently to South Korea and Japan to work directly with different factories to control and assist with production at the factory to ensure all orders are executed and delivered.

Before joining GSAH, Mr. Ahn worked with multiple counties and municipalities and specialized in economic development and marketing. During 20 years working in the U.S., he helped to create a tremendous number of jobs with a capital investment of more than 1 billion U.S. dollars. Song also worked with HYUNDAI Motor Manufacturing Alabama (HMMA).

After a successful career in the U.S., Mr. Ahn moved to Korea to serve as President of Lamborghini and turned Lamborghini Korea into a successful brand and increased sales dramatically. Mr. Ahn became the first Korean-American to partner with the Richard Childress Racing team and worked with RCR for NASCAR international marketing sponsorships.

With all the international businesses and success, currently, Mr. Ahn focuses the successful launch for DuroKleen Technology U.S.A. and many patent technologies for the global market.