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Arabella Hydrogel Face Mask

Hydrogel’s ingredients are designed to gently treat and replenish sensitive and dry skin. Containing seven types of hyaluronic acids with both high and low molecular structures, hyaluronic acids revitalise the skin and enhance moisture.

Sargassum Serratifolium is extracted from the rare Brown Seaweed found in the pure seas of Jeju Island. This extraordinary and unique plant ingredient offers soothing and moisturising nutrients rehydrating dry and sensitive skin.

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Arabella Wound Healing Technology

The active ingredient in Arabella’s Wound Care products is a synthetic composition of cations derived from a botanical material found in the ash of red oak bark “QBx” which has been shown to therapeutically down regulate certain matrix metalloproteases (MMPs).

Elevated MMP levels of 2, 3 and 9 are indicative of chronic, non responsive, slow healing wounds. Approximately 80% of chronic wounds display elevated levels of MMPs.

Arabella’s Wound Care products are the only currently available products on the market that are successful in healing chronic, non healing wounds through the down regulation of proteases. These products have shown to be effective in healing chronic wounds in multiple clinical evaluations, with 63% to 94% of wounds demonstrating closure within 45 days.