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Our gel products provide a blend of potent antioxidants to protect against free radicals giving you a much better chance at optimal health and maintaining youth. Free radicals are the chief cause of aging and antioxidants fight the oxidative stress on cells.

Our multi-vitamin mineral formula provides 100% of the recommended daily essential vitamins and over 70 vitally important minerals that your body needs for optimal function. Boost your health and immune system to give yourself the best chance of maintaining your health.

Gel suspension technology allows the ability to more directly control bioavailability of super antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Bioavailability is your body’s ability to absorb more completely nutrients.


Our super blend of over 80 superfoods and super fruits provide the ultimate protection against aging and immune system health. Originally formulated as the ultimate beauty treatment from within, it was soon learned about the extraordinary ability to boost the immune system. Soon this formula was being studied by Universities in the United States for its unique ability to defend the body against cancer.

These findings were published in several peer reviewed journals.


Arabella Milk Formulas

Arabella International’s powder milk formulas have been developed applying the latest advanced technology and scientifically backed by research. These milk formula’s have improved A2 properties which include a new absorption technology which increases the amount of nutrition feeding babies can ingest. Ultimately this provides a stronger foundation for growing resilient babies from birth to over 12 months of age.

NuBaby 1 Formula
0-6 months

NuBaby 3 Toddler Formula
12-24 months

Arabella Wound Healing

The active ingredient in Arabella’s Wound Care products is a synthetic composition of cations derived from a botanical material found in the ash of red oak bark “QBx” which has been shown to therapeutically down regulate certain matrix metalloproteases (MMPs). 

Elevated MMP levels of 2, 3 and 9 are indicative of chronic, non responsive, slow healing wounds. 

Approximately 80% of chronic wounds display elevated levels of MMPs. 

Arabella’s Wound Care products are the only currently available products on the market that are successful in healing chronic, non healing wounds through the down regulation of proteases. 

These products have shown to be effective in healing chronic wounds in multiple clinical evaluations, with 63% to 94% of wounds demonstrating closure within 45 days.