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SmartQR® Cryptographic Security

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SmartQR® Cryptographic Security

Arabella International has partnered with Chameleon – SmartQR® to integrate its authentication technology on all of its products. This patented technology offers a secure platform which can mark trillions of products individually. Each is marked with a unique SmartQR® code which cannot be reverse engineered.

By applying it to every single product, Arabella International can ensure each product is digitally verified without the need for special readers or native applications. This technology will provide a complete level of protection globally for Arabella’s products ensuring that the brand and it’s patented contents are protected from fraudulent copies.

Once the SmartQR® is scanned, the product is verified and customers are presented with engaging product information and the source and location of its ingredients. This on-pack digital labelling also offers direct information relating to compliance and regulation approvals.


The SmartQR® code, invented by Chameleon in 2021, is unlimited in its application. By cryptographically pairing a unique SplatCode™ digital identity to a standard QR Code we transform it into a SmartQR® code.

Our integrated SmartQR® solution makes it easy for brands to enjoy superior brand protection through instant product authentication, while providing personalised customer engagement within seconds.

The primary technology we use to create a SmartQR® code is our patented SplatCode™ technology which can create trillions of unique and random patterns that cannot be copied – or reverse engineered.

Each unique SplatCode™ pattern within a SmartQR® code, along with the product data, is captured and stored securely in our database to enable instant product authentication and personalised engagement via smartphone.