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Advanced Antimicrobial Technology 

DuroKleen’s unique technology, provides rapid disinfection as well as long term antimicrobial protection. DuroKleen does not utilise poisons to disinfect, instead it delivers a permanently bonded, antimicrobial barrier through a unique, safe technology. This technology creates a long chain molecular ‘sword’ that mechanically pierces microbes cell structure, destroying microbes on contact. 


Modern Technology

✓ A modern, technologically advanced approach to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

✓ Water based, DuroKleen works by microscopically bonding to a surface, creating a comprehensive antimicrobial barrier.

✓ DuroKleen pierces through the microbes’ cell membrane, destroying microbes on contact.

✓ DuroKleen will not leach, cannot be absorbed and is not dislodged or rubbed off under normal conditions of cleaning.

Versatile Technology

✓ DuroKleen products are safe to use on hard and soft surfaces including fabrics.

✓ Benefits any surface where the presence of mould, germs or other microbes is not desirable SAFE TECHNOLOGY:

✓ All DuroKleen products are classified nonhazardous

✓ They are not corrosive to skin or surfaces

✓ Contain no VOC’s and will not bleach

✓ HACCP certified for use on food preparation surfaces

✓ Certified by SMI to Boeing’s standard (D6-7127 Rev P) – Cleaning interiors of commercial transport aircraft.