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Advance Cleaning Technology

DuroKleen supplies customers across Australia, with our technology providing solutions to remote mining villages, Australian Defence Force barracks, prisons, poultry farms and early learning centres. DuroPax, an Australian first innovation, which utilises the DuroKleen technology is used to clean, disinfect and protect Australian aircraft interiors and airport ground facilities, Australian State police forces, Queensland prisons, South Australia Health, St John of God Accord facilities, early learning centres and many more. 

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✓ Kleen is a non-toxic vegetable based colloidal cleaner. Highly effective at lifting and releasing soiling and biofilm from a surface, enabling it to be easily rinsed or wiped away

✓ Water based, and free rinsing Kleen is safe to use across all surfaces to remove fats, oils, greases, sugars and mould

✓ Readily biodegradable Kleen will not adversely impact wastewater or inhibit oil/water separators

Versatile Technology

✓ Kleen is safe to use on hard and soft surfaces including fabrics and will not bleach

✓ Kleen can be used safely across all surfaces in a facility, from mopping floors, to cleaning food preparation surfaces, to removing mould from walls and carpet

✓ Non fuming and noncorrosive

Safe Technology

✓ Kleen is water based and classified nonhazardous

✓ It is non-caustic and completely non-corrosive

✓ Does not contain caustics, phosphates, chlorinated solvents, nitrates, sulfates, NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid), enzymes, sulphonates or other known pollutants such as hazardous glycol ether or terpenes that can become acutely toxic

✓ HACCP certified for use on food preparation surfaces

✓ Kleen does not react with other chemicals such as chlorine bleach, acids or quaternary ammonias to create toxic gases.