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NEXX360 Wearable Camera

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  • Compatible with Third party VMS (Milestone/Flir/others)
  • Compatible with Video conference app (Zoom/Teams)
  • Easier to apply A.I. (Face/Situation/Subject Recognition) in real time
  • Supports CCTV protocols (ONVIF/RTSP)

The NEXX360 is the world’s first 360˚ Wearable CCTV Camera. It is worn as a neck band and contains 4 HD cameras. It is designed to create a monitoring environment which has no blind spots and can be worn hands free. It has a proven stable performance rating and is quick and easy to activate and supports 5G and LTE networks for real-time streaming.

The LINKFLOW business is a long-term maintenance operation service including CDTS (Cloud Desktop & Storage) service, CSB (Camera System BOM) service, and CLN (Camera LTE Network) service.