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SamDaSoo Mineral Water

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SamDaSoo Healthy Water

Jeju Samdasoo produces volcanic bedrock water pulled up from 420 m underground in Jeju through a global level production and quality control system.

Since its launch in 1998 Jeju Samdasoo is Korea’s representative drinking spring water brand that has maintained the No 1 ranking in market share, customer satisfaction, and brand power for more than 20 years.


Creating value with Jeju’s resources

On January 23, 1998, a drinking spring water factory was built in Gyorae-ri, Jocheon-eupby the Jeju Development Corporation, which was founded to manage groundwater, Jeju’s lifeblood, and to use its value to benefit the local community. JejuSamdasoo was then introduced in March 1998.

Established as the No. 1 Brand.

A natural filter that boost the immune system, the “volcanic cluster” in JejuSamdasoo, Korea’s emblematic volcanic bedrock water, creates a crystal of purity.

Only 0.08% of JejuSamdasoois manufactured from the crystal-clear water in Jejuthat has been continuously filtered for 18 years by the 420-meter-deep volcanic bedrock layer.

Since its introduction in 1998, JejuSamdasoo, which comprises a variety of natural minerals, has increased the value of Jejunature by dominating the market share, the satisfaction, and the overall preference rankings.

Efforts to Improve Brand Value

JejuDevelopment Corporation is constantly striving to increase the brand value of JejuSamdasoo.

From 2019, they have established a ‘product tracking system’ that can monitor the movement path of products from production to distribution and sales stages to systematically manage logistics. They have improved their existing lines to significantly increase their productivity.

Global Certification

IS09001 (Quality Management System), IS 014001 (Environmental Management System), FSSC 22000 (Food Safety Management System), IS 045001 (Safety and Health Management System), US NSF (US National Health Service), Indonesia Halal