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Hydrogel Mask
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Arabella Hydrogel Face Mask

Hydrogel’s ingredients are designed to gently treat and replenish sensitive and dry skin. Containing seven types of hyaluronic acids with both high and low molecular structures, hyaluronic acids revitalise the skin and enhance moisture.

Sargassum Serratifolium is extracted from the rare Brown Seaweed found in the pure seas of Jeju Island. This extraordinary and unique plant ingredient offers soothing and moisturising nutrients rehydrating dry and sensitive skin.

Arabella Skin Care Products • HEBE - The Goddess of Youth
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Trials were conducted in 2005 in High Point, North Carolina, under the direction of Dr. Zoe Draelos using the development name InTon. The trial was to determine the “Efficacy of a Novel Topical MMP Regulator in Aging Skin”. Fifty women participated in the test, with 40 testing the active product against a placebo (a very good botanical base), and 10 testing the product against a cold cream-type placebo. During the study, Dr. Draelos commented “This data set was particularly challenging due to the excellent moisturizing characteristics of vehicle 1” (The Vehicle 1 cream is the same cream being used in our products today). 

The study was double blind, randomized, placebo controlled human trials. Each woman used one cream (an active or a placebo) on each side of her face, and neither Dr. Draelos nor the participant knew which cream was active.

At the beginning of the study and at mid-point, each participant was interviewed, photographed, and visually examined. Each side of her face was tested for skin moisture and skin conductivity, and a small silicone mask was taken from each side of her face. Each woman turned in unused product (which was weighed) and a diary of her experience.

Statistical superiority (p=0.015) of the active (with QXP) over vehicle 1 (cream without QXP) was achieved at week 6 in the overall investigator assessment.
Dr. Draelos made very positive comments about the product in her report, and results were dramatic, particularly over the first six weeks.

A note regarding the study. In 2005, the scientific community was just beginning to learn about the many influences of MMP’s on skin aging. In addition, to test the actual level of MMP in skin required a skin puncture, (a wound) that could then be analyzed for MMP levels. Thus, the levels of MMP were not evaluated in the study.  Essentially all participants wanted more skin cream at the end of the study (which was provided), and all felt the moisturizing quality of the cream was outstanding.